How To Use A Light Stick

What Is A Light Stick?

A light stick is a very well known and wanted item for a kpop fan. It might just seem like a regular "lamp stick" to many but there is so much tech fit inside to make it known as the essential kpop accessory. Not just does it light up but it has many functions such as multiple light modes and color coordination that syncs to the music via Bluetooth! That is how the famous "lights oceans" are created.

How To Choose Your Light Stick?

Simple, ask yourself who your favorite group is 😀 Then you will know the answer.


How To Use A Light Stick

Once you have chosen your light stick, you will need the next thing...Batteries! Every light stick requires AAA batteries to function and be ready for the concert. *TIP* Use batteries with “Alkaline Plus” for best compatibility. Yes, you may use any AAA brand but for the best battery life follow our tip 🙂

After you have acquired the batteries, the next step is to put them inside the light stick. The way you open the battery holder depends on the light stick itself. Some require you to twist it open while other just have a small handle to open.

Now that your light stick has batteries! Next step is to get to know what each button does. Keep in mind that just like the battery holder, the function of the buttons vary as well. But most light sticks do have two buttons on the handle. One lets your it turn on and off or control the bluetooth. While the other lets you change the light mode.

The round button that you are able to click controls the light modes you want such as a solid mode, a slow blinking light mode, and after that it will be the same mode just gets faster with every click.

The switch button controls the on/off settings and the bluetooth activation. Although some light sticks can be connected to your smartphone to change the color with an app. Some do not let you since the connectivity isn't meant for our use but for the concert organizers to sync the light sticks with the music and create the light show.

*TIP* Always take off the batteries once you are done using the light stick. Even though you have the light stick off, the battery life is still is being consumed and can sometimes end up damaging the light stick itself.

You Are Now Concert Ready!

Next step is to now enjoy and have fun with you light stick! Time to partyyy!

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