October 1st – 31st Raffle Winners

Raffle Giveaway

Kpop USA Online will start a giveaway this month for a chance to win any signed album we have available.

Raffle Begun

October 1st - 31st

Winners were announced

First week of November



Vivivan - 7401

P1HARMONY Disharmony : Stand Out Album Winner

Esperanza - 9766

SF9 Special History Book Album Winner

Stephanie - 1988

SUNMI 1/6 Album Winner

Aya - 5473

WEEEKLY We Can Album Winner

Ramon - 1391

ONEUS Binary Code Album Winner

Meredith - 0185

CNBLUE Re-Code Album Winner

Tammy - 3567

BLITZERS Check-In Album Winner

Kaitlin - 7071

WJSN CHOCOME Hmph! Album Winner

Kel - 6653

N.FLYING Man On The Moon Album Winner

Laila - 9790

D-CRUNCH Emergency - Across The Universe Album Winner

Danielle - 1244

HIGHLIGHT YOON DU JUN Daybreak Album Winner

Leyna - 0769

ENOI W.A.Y Where Are You Album Winner

Sonya - 8643

KIM SUNG KYU Inside Me Album Winner

Leyna - 0769


Thank you for participating in our Raffle! If you missed the chance, no worries we will begin a new one very soon so please look forward to the new signed albums Kpop USA Online will bring.

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