Raffle Giveaway

Kpop USA Online will start a giveaway this month for a chance to win any signed album we have available.

Raffle Begun

August 12th - 31st

Winners were announced

Second week of September


MONSTA X Fanstaxia X Album Winner

Darian - 7341


Alice - 0375

DREAMCATCHER Tree of Language Album Winner

Hannah - 7006

NATURE Nature Code Album Winner

Pamela - 2733

NFLYING SO Album Winner

Adriana - 1955

BVNDIT Carnival Album Winner

Olivia - 1932

TOO Reason For Being Album Winner

Ella - 2309

E'LAST Daydream Album Winner

Essence - 8130

WJSN Neverland Album Winner

Ham Bum - 1717

ONLYONEOF Produced By Album Winner

Jenny - 9151

VICTON Mayday Album Winner

Madalynn - 3360

H&D Soulmate Album Winner

Kaitlyn - 9009

CRAVITY Hideout Season 1 Album Winner

Stacy - 3129

TOO Reason For Being Album Winner

Ella - 2309

TOO Running Toogether Album Winner

Ashley - 2475

D1CE Draw Remember Me Album Winner

Christine - 6225

VERIVERY Face Me Album Winner

Sofia - 9135

SEO EUNKWANG Forest Entrance Album Winner

Leelu - 7333

SEO EUNKWANG Forest Entrance Album Winner

Bethany - 9614


Thank you for participating in our Raffle! If you missed the chance, no worries we will begin a new one very soon so please look forward to the new signed albums Kpop USA Online will bring.

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