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    * Condition: Brand New / Factory Sealed
    * Product type: PATAY DUST MASK MEN/WOMEN
    * Includes: 1 Reusable face mask



    Bringing this mask safely and effectively prevents dust, fine particles and pollen from the air from entering your nose and mouth. Cotton made, perfect to be gentle on your skin. The masks are washable, reusable, and can be folded for easy carrying.

    Size: 19.5cm x 12.5cm


    1. Hand wash using very hot water and ordinary dish washing soap (not lotion/moisturizing soaps). Heat the water, pour into a bucket with soap and immerse the face mask(s). If heavily soiled, add an oxygen cleaner (for example, Oxyclean) according to the package instructions.  Agitate, soak.  Rinse very well in plenty of water. Squeeze well. Let air dry.
    2. Machine wash, hot water, using laundry soap that DOES NOT contain fabric softeners; a powdered detergent is preferred.  If in any doubt, choose a powder detergent. Add an extra rinse cycle as needed.  Air dry or machine dry on a warm cycle.  If machine drying, consider using a mesh bag to prevent damage to elastics or ties.







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