Raffle Giveaway

Kpop USA Online will start a giveaway this month for a chance to win any signed album we have available.

Raffle Begun

December 18th - January 17th

Winners were announced

First week of February


WOODZ Equal Earth Album Winner

Eternity - 6388

SF9 9loryUs Album Winner

Kristy - 8789

OnlyOneOf Produced By Pt 1 Album Winner

Gillian - 8498

BDC Belief Album Winner

Nykole - 7127

Yoon Du Jun Daybreak Album Winner

Shayna - 5123

Rocket Punch Blue Punch Album Winner

Leonard - 8904

APink Kim Nam Joo Bird Album Winner

Grace - 5333

Lovelyz Ryu Su Jeong Tiger Eyes Album Winner

Samantha - 4514

Natty Nineteen Album Winner

Pakanat - 6684

DreamNote Dream:Us Album Winner

Alyson - 7885

April Hello Summer Album Winner

Dolly - 9611


Thank you for participating in our Raffle! If you missed the chance, no worries we will begin a new one very soon so please look forward to the new signed albums Kpop USA Online will bring.

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