How long will pre orders take to be shipped?

Pre orders arrive to our store 2-7 days after release date. Please also be advised of any additional shipping delays as they have been unpredictable as of recent. We cannot control shipping delays as our Merchandise ship directly from the Entertainment/Manufacturing companies in Korea.

You can check the release date in our item description. After we received the items, we will begin pre order processing which will typically take 2-3 days.

Depending on the pre-order volume, fulfillment processing could take longer than expected.

Please keep in mind that time will vary depending on how many groups are releasing at the time.

If you placed a pre-order recently close to the release date, it will take longer due to orders being processed by the dates they were placed. 

How long will it take for my order to ship?

If an order is placed, it will take usually 3- 5 business days for our team to process shipment. If order includes a pre order item, other purchased items will be held until pre-orders are ready to ship.  We do advise that major pre order release may delay some shipments as we do handle both current orders and pre orders together.

When pre orders are purchased, our description advises you that it take 2-7 business days for our facility to receive the merchandise. Once merchandises is received, our team begins to ship out in the order the pre orders were placed.

  • If you choose Standard Shipping, once your package leaves our facility USPS estimates your package to be delivered within 3 – 10 business days.
  • If you choose Priority Shipping, once your package leaves our facility USPS estimates your package to be delivered within 1 – 3 business days.
  • If you choose Ground Advantage Shipping,  once your package leaves our facility USPS estimates your package to be delivered within 3- 5 business days.

 *the above estimated business days does not associate with the order processing time, they are a reference of the estimated time for the chosen shipping option within our Shipping Carrier. 

Once your order is ready for shipment, you will be emailed a tracking number.  We kindly request that you check both your regular inbox and spam folder, as our emails are automated, and occasionally, they may end up in the spam folder.

You are also welcome to contact us anytime via email or phone (during business hours PST) for an updated status.

My album is missing a photocard/inclusions, Can I get a refund?

If you encounter any issues with an item in your order, you must notify us within 7 days of the delivery date. Timely reporting of any such issues is crucial for us to assist you effectively. Begin the process by submitting a claim.

With the prevalence of false reports, our policy for replacing missing contents has been updated as follows:

Before we can initiate a replacement request with the manufacturer, we require evidence that the item inclusion is missing before it was opened. This evidence must include a complete unboxing video that commences prior to the unwrapping of the seal. This unboxing video serves as crucial proof that inclusions were not included. The entertainment company mandates this evidence due to the frequent occurrence of false claims.

Replacements for missing contents can only be obtained through the manufacturer. We, as the retailer, are unable to view the product’s interior before shipment, as it is sealed by the entertainment company.

The replacement process may take 1-4 weeks.

If there is no evidence that they were missing prior to opening, we may still attempt to request a replacement on your behalf. However, please be aware that we cannot guarantee that a replacement will be provided in such cases.

My Order includes no stock items, when is it shipping?

Items that are purchased when in stock can be affected when the stock available inspected by our team is considered bad condition to ship out this can include the album suffering damages.

You will be notified that the product is no longer available. If our team is not able to reach you at the time, an automatic refund towards the unavailable products will issued the next day so your order can proceed to ship out without any further delays. An email will be provided  with information towards the refund issued.

How can I cancel my order?

Once you have purchased an album and want to cancel please let our customer service know by giving us a call so they can take immediate action.

Orders get packaged on the same day or the day after it has been placed. Do keep in mind that once we cancel the order, your refund may take 5-7 days to process and cannot be undone.

If the order has already been shipped out, a cancellation cannot be made.

If your order includes a pre order item, a cancellation cannot be made.

Do you accept gift cards?

No, our system does not accept gift card payments.

Sometimes your card will get charged but we assure you no payment was accepted on our side. We advise you to contact the Gift Card company for more information.

My order failed to go through but I was still charged

When a transaction is declined, it’s possible for a temporary hold or pending charge to appear on your account. This happens because your bank initially accepts the payment, even though our system does not complete the transaction. As a result, your bank holds the funds while attempting to reconcile the discrepancy.

This hold is reflected in your account as a pending transaction. Typically, these charges should be cleared within 3-10 business days as your bank works to release the funds back into your account. If you find that the funds have not been returned within this timeframe, we recommend reaching out to your bank directly for further information.

In some cases, the order status may have transitioned from Failed to Completed, and the funds may not have been released as expected. Our systems are automated, and sometimes updates occur within the next few minutes. If you still encounter issues after the suggested timeframe, we kindly ask you to contact us either via email at info@kpopusaonline.com or by phone at 702-476-1990.

Our team will be happy to assist you in resolving any concerns regarding failed transaction statuses.

Can I change my Shipping Address?

If your order has not yet been dispatched from our facility, we can certainly make changes to the shipping address for you. To ensure a swift resolution, we recommend giving us a call at 702-476-1990. Our customer service team will be ready to assist you and make the necessary updates promptly.

Alternatively, if you prefer to provide the information via email, please send us an email at info@kpopusaonline.com with your order number and the correct shipping address. This will allow us to process your request efficiently and ensure that your order is sent to the right location.

What do I do if my package didn't arrive?

If your package has not arrived, we recommend filing a missing mail claim directly with USPS. They will be able to initiate an investigation to locate your package and provide more information on its whereabouts. You can typically do this through the USPS website or by visiting your local post office. If unable to submit, please reach out to us so we can help.

In the unfortunate event that you suspect your package has been stolen, we advise you to file a police report with your local law enforcement agency. This step is crucial for addressing any potential criminal activity and helps authorities in their efforts to recover lost items.

Please note that while we strive to provide the best possible service, we are not liable for lost or missing packages once they have been handed over to the shipping carrier. For detailed information on our policies regarding missing packages, we recommend reviewing our Terms and Conditions on our website.

What does it mean when my package is "Undeliverable"?

If you see that your tracking information indicates that your parcel was marked as “Undeliverable,” it could be due to reasons such as an ambiguous address or the absence of a secure location for delivery.

In such cases, the standard procedure is to initiate a “Return to Sender” process. This means that the parcel is on its way back to our store. Once we receive the returned parcel, we make it a priority to contact our customers promptly to address the situation.

However, we understand that timely communication is crucial, and we encourage you to reach out to us if you have any concerns regarding your shipping address or the status of your package.

You can contact us by replying to this email or reaching out to our customer service team at info@kpopusaonline.com. We are here to assist you and ensure a smooth resolution to any issues you may be experiencing.

Do you guys do returns or exchanges?

All products shipped from our facility are considered final sales.

Our team diligently inspects each item, including lightsticks and albums, to identify any defects before shipping.  Please be aware that the outer case, box, or packaging of the product is primarily intended for the protection of the product, merchandise, or goods contained within. Any scratches/dents or discoloration on the exterior of the product packaging will not be eligible for compensation.

While we don’t typically offer returns or exchanges.  However, we acknowledge mistakes can occur despite our best efforts. If you receive the wrong item from what you purchased, a correction process is effective as long as the item is sealed.


If you’ve received a damaged item, please submit a claim. You must notify us within 7 days of the delivery date.

For detailed information on our return policy and further details, please refer to the relevant section on our terms and conditions.

When can I pick up my album if In Store pick up was selected?

In-Store Pick Up service is temporarily closed due to the relocation of our warehouse. We anticipate reopening this service by early next year.

Once the In-Store Pick Up service is available again, your order will be ready for pick up 48 hours after the order was initially placed. If your order includes a pre-order album or product that has not been released at the time of your purchase, please stay tuned to our announcements on Instagram or Facebook for updates on its availability.

In order to ensure a smooth and secure pick-up process, we kindly ask for your cooperation. For the protection of your purchase and our store, we require you to provide identification that matches the billing address information used to place the order. If the purchase was made by a family member or friend, we still need you to provide their identification by either having them accompany you during pick-up or by providing a picture of your identification.

What is your Return Policy?

All products shipped from our facility are considered final sales. We do not accept returns or exchanges for items that have been opened from their original sealing.

Returns may be considered for defective items, provided that appropriate evidence is provided. If you encounter any issues with your order, it is imperative to contact us within 7 days of delivery. We also require that you allow us to initiate a claim with the manufacturer as part of the return process. Please be aware that the outer case, box, or packaging of the product is primarily intended for the protection of the product, merchandise, or goods contained within. Any scratches/dents or discoloration on the exterior of the product packaging will not be eligible for compensation. Approval from the manufacturer is required to proceed with a replacement. Once your return item is received and inspected, we will send you an email to notify you of the approval or rejection of your refund. This process may take up to 30 days.

WE ARE NOT LIABLE FOR DAMAGES INCURRED BY ITEMS OR PACKAGES DURING TRANSIT. While we take precautions such as bubble wrapping, using cardboard boxes, and firm taping to prevent damage, unpredictable events can occur during transit.


For any package with external damage incurred during transit, we require an unboxing video clearly demonstrating the issue as it was received. All items must remain unopened and sealed in their original packaging to file a claim for package damage. If items have been opened, we cannot proceed with your issue.

Any fine spots, scratches, flaws, or textural conditions that cannot be seen/identified from a 30 cm distance cannot be a reason for exchanges or return. Due to material of magazines, corners will naturally curl, bend, fold, or slightly tear withing delivery.

Any exchanges or refunds will proceed once we receive all items and complete the inspection process. This timeline may take up to 30 days from the date of receiving your returned items. All shipping costs associated with returns and exchanges are the responsibility of the customer.

Where are my posters?

Posters are shipped separately from the album package but processed at the same time. Please be aware that posters may take longer to arrive compared to the albums. In some cases, it may take up to two weeks for the poster to be delivered.

If you haven’t received your poster within this timeframe, we recommend contacting our store directly or email us to initiate a missing mail investigation with USPS. Our customer service team will assist you in starting the process.

Unfortunately, we can only initiate a missing package inquiry with USPS if the package has been delayed for 14 days. Until then, USPS will not consider the package as missing.

Do album purchases count towards Hanteo Charts?

We’re excited to let you know that our store is an official member of the 2023 HANTEO FAMILY.

What this means is that when you make a purchase with us, your items will be reflected on the HANTEO CHART. Your support contributes to the official counts, and it helps to showcase the popularity and impact of the artists you love.


What are my pre order benefits?

Each pre-order comes with additional official goods, which may include postcards, stickers, a calendar, and a poster, depending on the specific item. To find out exactly what extra goodies are included with a particular pre-order, you can refer to the product description. Look for items that are bolded, and you’ll see “(Pre Order Benefit/First Press Only)” mentioned right after the item details.

Another form of Pre Order Benefits are the exclusive Selfie Photocards that are available during the pre order period.

For more information and a comprehensive guide on pre-order benefits, we invite you to check out our article titled “What are Pre Order Benefits?” on our community page. This resource will give you a detailed overview of the exclusive items you can expect with your pre-order purchase.

How long does it take you guys to restock?

It varies by product. Some products are already sold out and will not be manufactured again or they are just on backorder. Some albums take us a week to restock but when it comes to official goods or limited products that will take longer.

Out of stock products will include a waiting list you can join so you may get real time notifications of restocked items.

For further information or if you didn’t find the answer you were looking for please give us a call at 702 476 1990.

If we are unable to assist through phone, please email us at info@kpopusaonline.com.

Our customer service team is available Monday – Saturday  11:00AM to 7:00PM  and Sunday 11:00AM to 6PM PST

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