Welcome to Your Rewards!

Our grand opening of Kpop USA Online received a lot of positive reactions and feedback which makes us really happy that this place we worked hard to create turned out to be loved by many. Being one of the reasons why we strive to do better. We try to bring various of products with the best prices but it doesn't show enough of our appreciation which is why we want to give even more with our brand new reward system!


Earn Points

-Join the Kpop USA Family!
-Follow Us @kpopusaonline
-Share your favorite item on Facebook/Twitter
-Keep Shopping
-Level Up!

Redeem Points

-Redeem your points to get discounts
-Use it on every product
-Save as many as you want
-No limits on how many points you can redeem at once!
-Still earn points after redeeming

How To Upgrade Your Member Level

Become a member when registering to Kpop USA! Start out as Silver and earn 2 points per dollar spent. Want to earn more points per dollar? Upgrade by meeting the total history purchase required for each level 😀

How To Earn More Points

How To Use Your Points


Join Kpop USA!

Getting started is easy. All you have to do is join our Kpop Family by registering. Go to New Register and follow the instructions. Boom! You have earned 100 Kpop Points by just signing up 😀

Yay! Now you've earned your first points. Here is how you can check the total of points you have.

Go to My Account>>My Rewards, you will be taken to your rewards table that keeps track of what you have earned or redeemed.

How To Earn More Points

Just continue shopping 😀 For every dollar spent you will receive 2 points. No worries, we have done the math for you! You can check on every product how many points you can earn if purchased. You will even see the total in your cart.

Redeeming Points

Use your points to get discounts! Redeeming points is easy! You can check in your cart how much of a discount you will receive by putting in the chosen amount of points. For example, the pictures below. There is no limit as to how many points you can use, go crazy!

Your are now ready to start your rewards! Enjoyy~

Welcome to KPOP USA! Sign up for our KPOP USA Rewards Membership for many benefits! We are the biggest KPOP store in the USA located in Las Vegas, NV. Come stop by our store or shop online! Happy shopping! :D
*Due to limited staff because of the COVID-19 pandemic, our email service is temporarily suspended. If you require immediate assistance, please give our customer service team a call at 702 476 1990