Meet The Team!


We started our flagship store on October 26, 2018 and slowly we have grown bigger. We opened our store with the idea of promoting and bringing KPOP to people who are in love with it or just simply looking to learn more. That is the same thing we want to do with our website. Bring in the same feel as our flagship store.

K-POP USA is the largest Kpop store in the US! We have so many selections and various products. Our team may be small but we bring in amazing customer service.


-Customer service
-loves cats
-tea is life
-Favorite group DBSK, Stray Kids, and Mamamoo


-Customer Service
-Loves Coffee
-has a sweet tooth
-Favorite group Blackpink, ITZY, and Loona
-Pretty good with dad jokes


-Customer Service
-loves her dog Army
-Has a sweet tooth
-Favorite group Big Bang
-Plays the violin

Welcome to our very own K-POP USA online store. Kpop USA’s goal is to provide various kpop albums and official merchandise to deliver to everyone. We ship all over US! Our flagship store can be located in Las Vegas so come visit us! You will not regret this experience. We are proud to say that we are the biggest Kpop store in the US now. Guaranteed to bring you the latest product.