Raffle Giveaway

Kpop USA Online will start a giveaway this month for a chance to win any signed album we have available.

Raffle Begun

November 14th - December 13th

Winners were announced

Third Week of December


Stray Kids IN LIFE Album Winner

Pamela - 2733

BDC The Intersection Album Winner

Lizzy - 6894

1THE9 Blah Blah Album Winner

Jordan - 0338

DIA Flower 4 Seasons Album Winner

Nathan - 1519

Wonho Love Synonym Ver 3 Album Winner

Pauline - 1984

Wooah Exclamation Album Winner

Audrey - 6720

ONF Spin Off Album Winner

Rene - 2102

Rocket Punch Blue Punch Album Winner

Edward - 4576

OnlyOneOf Produced By Part 1 Album Winner

Stacy - 3129

Momoland Starry Night Album Winner

Kel - 6653

TOO Reason For Being Album Winner

Jessica - 1434

BVNDIT Carnival Album Winner

Amber - 6832

E'Last Day Dream Album Winner

Guadalupe - 2418


Thank you for participating in our Raffle! If you missed the chance, no worries we will begin a new one very soon so please look forward to the new signed albums Kpop USA Online will bring.