Pre Order Benefits

Why Should You Pre Order?

Pre Ordering has many great benefits. Not only do you have no worries to buy the album later in the future but you get the security of getting it before it sells out. Once an item gets sold out, restocking takes a while to get the item delivered from S.Korea. Another amazing thing that pre ordering offers are extra goodies that are limited. Once the pre orders are over, the goods are no longer available for regular orders.

What are the Pre Order Benefits?

Pre order benefits offer extra limited goodies which vary on the item. Times they offer extra photo cards/polaroid cards or photo stands. For example, Twice Fancy album pre order benefits were a photocard set (10 photocards) and a poster.

You can always find out what the benefits for each pre order item carries on our item description. We will be listing what each product carries and what will only be given for pre orders.

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